The Onada Siesta Chair (with the Leather Seat Cover) is an Ergonomic Chaise Lounge Recliner

Size-1100(H) x 580(W) x 1600(L) mm, Weight 11kg

Price in Australian Dollars

$1,750 (with the leather seat cover on top of the Zepel Fabric)

Shipping & Delivery costs inclusive  

Australian Registered design: 16497/2013 & Certificate of Examination: No. 353522

The Onada Siesta Chair, a stylish and ergonomic chaise lounge recliner….is designed, handmade and assembled in Melbourne/Australia by the founder of ‘Onada’ James O’Brien and his skilled furniture craftsman.

As well as being perfect for a nap, Onada’s siesta position raises the users feet above their heart, providing fantastic circulatory health and well-being benefits.

Our chair’s design is influenced by the cultural habits found within the Balearic islands , and ‘Onada’ means wave from Majorca, one of the three islands within this region of the Mediterranean Sea.  Onada represents the roots of its own creation, whilst also emulating the journey and soul of a wave.


The Onada Siesta Chair Specification      

18mm/12mm Russian birch ply, cotton fabric, tension cord, steel eyelets, stainless steel fixings/fasteners, rubber stoppers, natural oil/wax finish.

Health benefits of the Onada Siesta Chair.

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