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Imagine a chair able to simulate weightlessness, submerging the ubiquitous sensation of your body for untrammelled concentration or for perfect rest, with proprioceptive traffic quieted by supporting the major limb joints in their open packed range, spinal curves protected sparing low back and neck pain sufferers from the usual consequences of prolonged sitting and a generous contact surface minimising somatosensory pressure.


Imagine this posture preserved in upright sitting, stimulating medullary centres for heightened alertness. Imagine this posture maintained in reclined luxury for profound relaxation with enhanced venous and lymphatic flow.


Imagine moving between these two settings simply by engaging your postural stabilisers creating episodes of curated exercise mitigating the ravages of a sedentary lifestyle.


Imagine an elegant structural design free of motors and of moving parts for robust simplicity, portable and with the pleasing aesthetics of a practical work of art.


Introducing Onada Siesta, the chair, re-imagined.




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The above analysis is endorsed by;

Paul O’Brien

B.Physio(hons), B.VSc (hons), B.Sc